What We Do

Civil Work

We carry out civil works ranging from bridge, road, railway and harbour construction to tunnels and treatment plants, we carry out all forms of civil work, above or below ground as well as in marine environments.

If you think that the concrete work is too heavy to manage on your own, contact us. We can help by providing advice and carrying out tasks of all kinds in concrete.

Concrete renovation
Renovation of bridges, tunnels, balconies, facades and multi-storey car parks. We have the expertise to carry out reliable concrete renovations.

Drain laying
Protection against flooding, rerouting of sewerage systems and drain laying in open land.

Earthworks and roads
Public roads, private roads, motorways, roundabouts and bridges. We have experience in all types of road construction.

We have extensive experience with infrastructure projects of all kinds, domestically and abroad.

We carry out piling and sheet piling nationwide. If you need to build a new apartment complex or a new bridge, piling is an indispensable part of the process.